Small Group Healthcare

Small business depends on stretching each dollar to build a competitive workforce. Conrad Siegel knows that providing competitive healthcare benefits at an affordable price is tough for any organization today, even more so for small business owners. We’ve simplified the typical a la carte services by creating a comprehensive bundle of services. Our goal is to remove all commissions from your plans.  If this is not possible due to carrier restrictions, we take the commission paid by your insurance carrier and put it dollar-for-dollar toward services that benefit your business. Unlike some service providers, we fully account for every commission dollar and completely disclose our compensation.

BRASS Bundled Services Packages

We’ve structured a set of benefit consulting services most requested by our clients called “BRASS.” BRASS is packaged to efficiently, cost effectively, and immediately deliver more value. BRASS is a simple way to say “Benefit Review and Annual Strategic Services.” The core of packaging these related services into one, simple-to-understand suite of services comes from decades of experience in working with employers and plan sponsors and combining the services that return the most value to them in one annual fee.

We can customize a BRASS package based on your organization’s needs. Our small business healthcare benefits include:

Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning process puts you in a proactive position. We remove the reactive “crisis management” aspects of renewing employee benefit plans. We will work closely with you to understand your goals and create a custom solution that fits your organization. What’s more, you get our actuarial edge to managing employee benefit plans which enables us to see farther ahead and advocate aggressively for you throughout the benefits negotiation process.

  • Regular strategic benefit planning meetings
  • Renewal rate review and subsequent negotiations
  • Standard solicitation and analysis of quotes and proposals
  • Annual premium-sharing analysis and development
  • Assistance with eligibility provisions and strategies
  • Continued education and benchmarking with emerging healthcare trends
  • Assistance with wellness program initiatives

Employee Communications

Effective communication is critical to the success of any employee benefit plan. We help carry out effective employee meetings and can provide informative, customized communications materials to help employees make the most of their benefits.

  • Online employee benefits
  • Comprehensive benefit statements
  • Development of communication materials for employees
  • Open enrollment meetings
  • Creation of employee notices and disclosures
  • Health advocacy

Compliance/ACA Reporting

  • Healthcare reform guidance
  • ACA employer reporting
  • COBRA rate calculation
  • Plan documents, SPDs and nondiscrimination testing
  • Annual notices
  • HIPAA Compliance

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