Compliance & Healthcare Reform

Changing healthcare regulations make compliance a moving target for many businesses. We make it our mission to stay on the pulse of emerging legislation as well as the day-to-day compliance needs of your plan, so you can focus on your business.

We pride ourselves in our joy of digging into the details. While you may find the complexities of healthcare reporting requirements daunting, we are in our element. We’ll get on the front lines to keep you in compliance and be able to break down the details for you in simple terms.

Intelligence is critical to navigating this changing landscape. We continually monitor legislation, trends, and new tools to provide you with the advice and resources you need to effectively manage your plans and meet all requirements.

Healthcare Compliance services include:

  • Healthcare reform guidance
  • ACA employer reporting
  • COBRA rate calculation
  • Plan documents, SPDs and nondiscrimination testing
  • Annual notices
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Government form filings

“When we went through the ACA with our prior consultants they told us to contact someone else! Conrad Siegel said it’s just integrated in their work. It’s clear they know what they’re talking about.”

— Twin Valley School District