Foundations & Endowments

You are charged with the responsible and prudent management of your organization’s assets, to meet critical obligations and guide the principal confidently into the future. We are here to help you and to partner with you along the way.

The Conrad Siegel Difference

  • Security – Your assets are custodied with a large, highly reputable financial institution.
  • Independence – No exclusive contract with any financial institution
  • Fiduciary Responsibility – Legally required to put our clients first
  • Fees – Fee-for-service advisors, no commissions, fully disclosed fees
  • Local Team – Experience and expertise
  • Personal Management – Ongoing relationships and customized advice
  • Investment Approach – Flexible to meet your needs

Investment Advisory Services

Focusing on your goals and objectives, Conrad Siegel, has the background and expertise needed to provide ongoing management for your foundation or endowment account.

Investment Recommendations – Develop and maintain a comprehensive and diversified investment portfolio based on your goals and risk tolerance

Monitoring and Reporting – Quarterly newsletter and performance investment summaries for each underlying investment and portfolio as a whole

Personal Meetings – Regular meetings to review goals, risk tolerance, asset allocation, and portfolio performance



TO LEARN MORE about Foundations & Endowments, contact our Foundations & Endowments leadership team.


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