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Until now, employee benefits have been out of reach for many smaller, local businesses. The recently passed SECURE Act created a new type of 401(k), a Pooled Employer Plan, that allows employers to join a larger plan rather than starting their own. The Central PA 401(k), by Conrad Siegel, now enables businesses to offer a 401(k) that’s simple, flexible and affordable.


The Central PA 401(k), by Conrad Siegel, is designed to be hands-off for business owners. We take care of everything including selecting the investment menu, filing government forms, plan design, and the ongoing management of your plan saving you and your staff valuable time.


The plan is designed for small business budgets. There’s no initial funding requirement with low, elastic monthly fees based on your number of employees. Employers may also be eligible for tax incentives for starting a 401(k) plan.


Saving under the plan is optional for employees and you choose how generous your employer contribution will be. Contribution options include Safe Harbor, Matching, and Profit Sharing. Employees can choose to make either traditional pre-tax or Roth contributions.


The plan is fully managed by Conrad Siegel, resulting in you having one dedicated plan contact. Your employees also have access to a dedicated investment education contact that they can talk to, at no additional cost.

Low cost, simple fee structure

Transparency is what Conrad Siegel was built on over the past 60 years here in Central PA, and it’s what’s made us great ever since. The Central PA 401(k) was designed to be straight-forward explaining who pays what, when and what’s in it for you and your employees.

Employer Pays

Startup Fee$0
Service Fee$90 – $500+ /month
*Based on number of employees
MatchingEmployer’s choice to match
employee contributions or not

What will employees pay?


(0.1% of account balance paid quarterly)

What would the plan cost for your organization?

We take care of everything so you can focus on running your business

The Central PA 401(k) was designed specifically around the needs of small business owners who often find themselves stretched in many different directions and wearing a lot of hats. Conrad Siegel administers your company’s plan, acting as recordkeeper, third-party-administrator, and advisor. We are also serving as a fiduciary, meaning that we are obligated to act in the best interest of the plan participants.

Your plan includes

Recordkeeper, plan administration, and investment advisory services
Fiduciary oversight of your plan
Employee investment education & communications
24/7 online support and access for plan participants

Schedule a 15-minute introductory call our team

You can start your 401(k) or find out more about how your business fits with the plan. Whether you are looking to merge an existing plan or start a new plan, it begins with a short call so we can understand you and your business better, answer your questions, and collect any initial information needed get your transition underway.

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