Let’s build towards a strong retirement

Let’s design a custom retirement plan that fits your needs. We help you build a strong package, whether it’s for your own retirement needs or for your organization’s employees. We work closely with you to build a secure retirement plan by putting your best interest first.

Defined Benefit Plans

We help simplify the increasing complexity of benefits. We’ll help navigate funding, accounting analysis, and compliance reviews and show you different ways to approach your benefits plan to maximize its value to participants.

401(k)/Defined Contribution

Defined contribution plans are often the cornerstone of a benefits package. We’ll help you save time by improving operational efficiencies, reducing fiduciary challenges, and helping your employees progress towards a more secure retirement.

Investment Advisory

We’ve built our reputation on doing the right thing. Conrad Siegel has been an investment fiduciary by choice since 2002, and fee-for-service-based advisors since our founding. Our clients have entrusted us with over $7.7 billion in assets (as of 6/30/2023).

Expert Testimony

Conrad Siegel has the expertise to help attorneys with complex pension and retirement benefit issues in divorce cases. We have prepared thousands of pension valuations covering a wide range of plans, holding true to our pillar of simplifying the complex.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

Sponsoring an ESOP doesn’t have to be complicated and we can help structure a plan to manage and communicate your ESOP value to employees. We’re a full-service partner providing administrative and investments services to all ESOP plans.

Workers’ Comp

Conrad Siegel provides actuarial services for individual and group self-insured workers’ compensation funds, enabling them to evaluate and adequately fund their reserve liabilities and to satisfy Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry security requirements.

Already a participant in a Conrad Siegel managed plan?

If your employer works with Conrad Siegel to deliver your benefits plan, you can sign in to your account to view and manage your plan.