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Investment Vehicles

Rapid advances in technology have greatly changed the manner in which the world invests.  Gone are the days of sending in trade orders by wire, phone, or mail to a broker-dealer for completion.  A single individual now has the ability to place real-time orders from anywhere he or she has internet access.  Along with the … Continue reading Investment Vehicles

Your Health Savings Accounts FAQ’s

Health Savings Accounts offer many advantages, but also require account holders to meet and maintain certain eligibility criteria. Here we will highlight some of the frequently asked questions, advantages, and requirements of Health Savings Accounts. Everyone’s situation is different, and individuals are encouraged to seek additional information from the resources mentioned below. Who is ELIGIBLE … Continue reading Your Health Savings Accounts FAQ’s

Longevity In Retirement

One of the major risks you will probably face when it comes to your retirement is longevity. Longevity is the prospect of outliving your retirement resources and an important factor to consider when planning for retirement. So what can you do to reduce your chances of outliving your retirement resources? Annuitize a portion of your … Continue reading Longevity In Retirement