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How to switch from a SIMPLE IRA to a Safe Harbor 401(k) | SECURE 2.0 Made it Easier

Small businesses with a SIMPLE (Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees) IRA may want to switch to a Safe Harbor 401(k) due to the higher contribution opportunities and flexible plan design options. Fortunately, the passage of the Secure 2.0 Act of 2022 has made it easier for employers to make this switch. SIMPLE IRA vs. […]

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Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs) vs. SIMPLE IRA

There are now many different retirement plan options for employers. It is becoming more common to see Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs) and SIMPLE IRAs evaluated against one another. Both types of plans can be good options for the right situation. We take a look at the differences between the two plans here: PEP SIMPLE IRA […]

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Finally, the Pivot

It was something that investors were waiting over a year for – an announcement from the Federal Reserve (“Fed”) that they no longer expected to raise their benchmark Fed Funds Rate. This announcement, which happened on December 13th, also included some bonus information for investors in the form of more expected rate cuts in 2024 than previously thought.

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2023 Retirement Plan Litigation Highlights 

Employers across the country sponsor more than 625,000 401(k) plans. These plans provide millions of Americans with access to build equity and wealth in preparation for retirement. Due to a lack of oversight and poor practices, the first lawsuits targeted 401(k) plans about 15 years ago.

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Retirement Plan Investment Menu | Taking a look into the Industry Average

We are often asked how a plan’s investment menu compares to the industry average. In this article, we have highlighted a few aspects of the menu that we believe are not only interesting but important considerations for a fiduciary. 

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A Refresher on Retirement Planning

As the end of summer approaches and children head back to school, many adults could take a moment for a refresher course in planning for retirement. Making the commitment to save for retirement in your employer-sponsored retirement plan is a wise move that puts you on the path toward reaching your retirement savings goals.

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