Actuarial consulting designed to give you clarity

Our actuarial capabilities have earned us a reputation that is second to none. We thrive on simplifying the complexities surrounding benefit plans. There is no problem too difficult we won’t take on to ensure you have a partner throughout the process to help you understand things in plain English, without consultant jargon, and without hidden costs.

Defined Benefit Plans

We’re pension experts. Let us help you navigate funding, accounting analysis, and compliance reviews and show you different ways to approach your benefits plan to maximize its value to participants. You’ll understand the inner workings of your plan in simple terms and we’ll be there to provide the guidance you need to implement and manage a customized plan designed specifically around your organization.

Healthcare Benefits

Our healthcare consulting is built on transparency with no hidden costs – positioning us to advocate for your benefits in ways that help eliminate the industry standard commissions and return them to you through lower premiums. As the leading actuarial firm in the region, our renowned expertise provides a distinct edge in navigating rate renewals and changing compliance laws.

Postemployement & GASB

Conrad Siegel is uniquely positioned to help manage the costs and risks of your retirees’ post-employment benefits. Over 60 years in business, some of the brightest professionals in the industry, and our actuarial edge gives us uncommon depth to deliver these services.

Expert Testimony-QDRO

Conrad Siegel has the expertise to help attorneys with complex pension and retirement benefit issues in divorce cases. We have prepared pension valuations covering a wide range of plans, from the simplest defined contribution accumulations to the most complex government defined benefit structures and defended our work in the courtroom.

Workers’ Comp

Conrad Siegel has been consulting with employers since 1978, to help them understand the magnitude and potential variability of their workers’ compensation liabilities. We offer actuarial services for individual and group self-insured workers’ compensation funds, enabling them to evaluate and adequately fund their reserve liabilities and to satisfy Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry security requirements.