Keeping your people and your bottom-line healthy

Conrad Siegel works on a fee-for-service basis for you and only you. This relationship means complete transparency with no hidden costs, positioning us to advocate for your benefits in ways that help eliminate the industry standard commissions and return them to you through lower premiums. As the leading actuarial firm in the region, our renowned actuarial expertise provides a distinct edge in navigating rate renewals and changing compliance laws.

Large Group Health Plans

We know large group health plans. We’ve simplified the typical a la carte services by creating a comprehensive bundle of services. See how we’ve partnered with other large organizations to simplify the complexity of their health plans.

Small Business Healthcare

Conrad Siegel knows that providing competitive healthcare benefits at an affordable price is tough for any organization today, even more so for small business owners. Learn about our simple bundled approach.

Compliance & Healthcare Reform

Changing healthcare regulations make compliance a moving target for many businesses. We make it our mission to stay on the pulse of emerging legislation as well as the day-to-day compliance needs of your plan, so you can focus on your business.