Company Overview

The right partner by choice

Conrad Siegel has been around for over 50 years because we’ve never compromised our principles. We’ve always chosen partnership over profit, and have been independent by choice, and fee-for-service forever. Doing the right thing has rewarded us with indelible relationships that allow us to truly partner — to work as good people and as experts. We choose clients who share our moral compass, who want a partner to advocate for them to thrive and create strong, healthy, happy, and competitive workplaces for their employees.

Fee-for-service by choice, independent since forever

In the complex world of benefits, unbiased advice is a powerful tool for corporations, non-profits, government and municipal agencies, schools, and individuals to make the best choices. Conrad Siegel has provided this invaluable transparency to clients for over 50 years. No consultant jargon, no hidden costs, just commitment to get you where you want to go.

You don’t have to take our word for it. See what we’ve done for our clients already.

Over 50 years, our values have never wavered

Conrad Siegel’s own future is deeply tethered to our past. Our story — and our namesake — is the story of Conrad M. Siegel who began his career as an up-and-coming actuary in Toronto. As a young actuary, his sharp attention to detail and extraordinary relationship with numbers was undeniable. In 1959, Connie’s abilities garnered the attention of a recruiter who lured him to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to join the consulting wing of a local insurance agency.

Conrad M. Siegel, Inc. c. 1970

Destined to do something important, Connie soon outgrew the agency and four years later made the leap out to start his own actuarial firm. His integrity of paramount importance, Connie aligned the company with his deeply-held beliefs from its outset by putting his very name on it: Conrad M. Siegel, Inc. Despite having only $3,500 to invest and a family to support, Connie took to heart the advice of his former boss who stressed the importance of maintaining good relationships in business and in life.

Connie built his fledgling firm upon the principles of fee-for-service work with no hidden costs, solid and objective advice, and transparency throughout, not because it’s required but because it’s the right thing to do. As word of his uncommon customer service and impartial advice grew, so did the firm’s notoriety. The firm became so respected that in fact Connie’s former boss eventually became a client alongside The City of Harrisburg and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Conrad “Connie” Siegel, Founder

Anybody who knows Connie, personally or professionally, gushes forth accolades of Connie’s talent and his unwavering integrity. Over 50 years since Conrad Siegel was founded, Connie’s vision shaped Conrad Siegel today where the firm now employs over 100 professionals aligned with the very same values the company was founded on. Conrad Siegel remains a consultant-owned firm to this day and has grown into one of Pennsylvania’s largest employee benefits firms.

We are recognized as one of the region’s premier retirement, investment, and healthcare consulting firms, and boast the most actuaries of any similar firm in the region. Our 1,200+ clients range from companies with a single employee to large, international corporations.