Healthcare Carrier Updates


Highmark is excited to announce the Well360 Diabetes Management program powered by Onduo is now available to eligible Highmark members with type 2 diabetes.This will be a core, value add service for all fully insured, small group, grandmothered and ACA, MA, and Individual, ACA and small group balance funded clients. This is available as a buy-up for ASO clients of 250+ contracts. Onduo will reach out if members are eligible via email and/or mail.

This virtual diabetes management solution gives members — especially those who prefer the convenience of at‐home care — the personalized support they need to take control of their type 2 diabetes once and for all. And that can lead to better outcomes and healthier employees.

Here’s what your members get with Well360 Diabetes Management:

  • A no-cost welcome package mailed to their homes including a smart glucometer, an A1C kit, and unlimited test supplies.
  • For high-risk members, a wearable Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) that automatically takes readings 300 times per day with no finger pricks.
  • A dedicated Care Lead who checks in regularly and connects them with an entire personal care team — including endocrinologists and the member’s PCP — to provide day-to-day diet and medication support.
  • An interactive Onduo app that provides virtual support and collects data from connected devices to make managing diabetes easier.
  • A personalized care plan based on members’ needs, preferences, and engagement levels.

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Capital Blue Cross is continuing their strategic investment in innovative technologies that can meet their members’ changing needs by offering new digital tools aimed to help members prevent, manage, or reverse diabetes.

As part of that investment, Capital Blue Cross worked with two new vendors to launch three new Digital Diabetes Programs:

  1. Prevention with Omada – For members with prediabetes.
  2. Management with Omada – For members diagnosed with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.
  3. Reversal with Virta – For members who are committed to reversing (rather than managing) their Type 2 diabetes; requires members to follow a personalized nutrition plan.

These programs, offered in two different apps, have launched and are now a part of their growing library of digital health tools that help their members manage chronic conditions from the comfort of home. Eligible members who participate in a program will not be charged an additional fee; the cost is included with medical benefits. While each program has unique offerings, they all provide a personalized experience based on a participant’s needs and health goals. Members already diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes can choose between the Management or Reversal program. Members who enroll in any of the Digital Diabetes Programs will have access to:

  • A professional health coach
  • Connected devices members can automatically link to their account. Diabetes monitoring equipment and supplies (for example, meters, test strips, and wireless smart scale) at no additional cost
  • A curriculum and resources on topics like healthy eating, managing stress, and improving sleep habits
  • Their own community of participants who can offer group support and encouragement

The three digital diabetes programs are included for all customers except 100+ ASO groups must opt in for the reversal program (Virta).  No cost to the member, and the group will pay a monthly claim cost.  

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