A New Year of Market Forecasts: Making Sense of the “Noise”









It’s a new year, and likely more than a few of us are happy to put the last one behind us. Economic and market forecasts now occupy the headlines and it can be hard to make sense of all the “noise”.

As David Booth, Founder & Executive Chairman of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), points out in this video, invariably this time of year brings us a lot of headlines announcing we’ve entered a year for stock-pickers.

But does the evidence bear this out? What really works over time?

Buying and selling the latest “hot stocks” may seem exciting but often, the only people who regularly profit from such an approach are brokers who charge trading fees and commissions.

At Conrad Siegel, we’ve found the only methodology that consistently works over time is a patient, disciplined approach with a focus on the long-term. Dimensional Fund Advisors understands this too. That’s why for years we’ve chosen to align with them.