401(k) guy

I’ve got a guy for that! It’s a phrase that is used often – normally in reference to that person you know who is great at electrical work or fixing cars.

For a group of people I’ve become known as the “401(k) guy”. The one they call when they’ve got that burning question and need a no-nonsense perspective that is easy to understand.

The cool thing is that I’m much more than a 401(k) guy. I’m a dad and husband. I’m a camping/backpacking guy. I’m also a car guy (any other Mustang owners out there?)!

This monthly newsletter celebrates the intersection of work and personal life. Together we’ll unpack office life (with a focus on my 401(k)/ESOP work) and it’s relation to our hobbies (camping, backpacking, and cars in my case).

About Scott

Scott specializes in retirement plan design, consulting, and administrative services for 401(k)-type plans, profit sharing plans, ESOPs and other defined contribution plans. Scott’s broad experience comes from working at Conrad Siegel since 1995.

Believing that achieving work-life balance is the key to doing good work, Scott is often found spending time with his wife and kids in various pursuits, usually somehow involving pizza, ice cream, or cheeseburgers. He claims that life is too short to drive a boring car and enjoys commuting and business travel in his Mustang GT, and is not afraid to take it into the woods for a hiking, backpacking or camping trip. Learn more