Reminder Regarding your Plan’s PBGC Premium


The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) premium increases to both the single-employer Flat-Rate and Variable-Rate premiums continue in 2019.  PBGC premium rates are scheduled as follows:







How will this affect your plan?

    Your PBGC premium payment may increase in 2020 and future years due to these changes and several other contributing factors:

    • The existing low interest rate environment
    • Lower required pension contributions due to current pension relief, which may increase the unfunded level of the plan
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What can Plan Sponsors do to lower PBGC Premiums?

    Talk to your Consulting Actuary today about the following options:
  • Strategies to fund the plan. This can include accelerating contribution payments, increasing contribution amounts or borrowing to fund the plan .
  • Strategies to reduce the participant count. Lump Sum Windows may be an option, depending on the interest rate environment.
  • Long-term planning for the plan, such as asset derisking or plan termination planning.
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Questions on how this affects your plan?
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