Conrad Siegel Launches Financial Wellness Program

Personalized Online Tools Empower Plan Participants to Find Financial Balance

Harrisburg, PA – April 9, 2019 – Conrad Siegel, delivering comprehensive employee benefits and investment advisory services, has launched a Financial Wellness Program, a series of interactive, online educational tools designed to help plan participants get their finances in shape.

Conrad Siegel’s Financial Wellness Program addresses the most common financial challenges that employees face, providing guidance on everything from building retirement savings, to creating a payment plan to manage debt, to outlining monthly income and expenses to understand where money is going.

“Financial wellness means finding the right balance for yourself between spending and saving, and living comfortably today while preparing for the future,” said Jennifer Becker, Communications Manager at Conrad Siegel. “Money management is personal and achieving balance can be a challenge, so our goal in designing this program was to make sure that plan participants feel engaged and empowered — not overwhelmed.”

The program aims to make it easier for plan participants to take charge of their financial future through education, guidance, and interactive tools that bring all the moving pieces of their finances together in one place.

The program has launched with three online planners covering:

Saving for Retirement
Everyone’s picture of retirement looks different. The Saving for Retirement Planner allows plan participants to customize and track progress toward achieving their goals. Participants can update key retirement factors, add additional information and assets from a spouse or partner, and compile all retirement savings to build their personal bridge to retirement. Participants can see real-time impact on their goals with adjustments to contribution level, anticipated retirement age, and the age they plan to begin taking Social Security.

Managing Debt
Debt remains one of the largest financial obstacles for employees. The Managing Debt Planner provides a customized pay down plan based on debt information provided by the participant, risk tolerance and pay down preference. This planner also tracks progress as participants update their variables.

Income and Expenses
Creating a monthly budget is the first step to financial stability. Conrad Siegel makes it easy to understand monthly income and expenses. Participants can choose the approach that works best for their money management style: Detailed or Simple. The planner provides a summary of where money is going each month, if participants are spending too much, or if they could be saving more. Participants can also make adjustments and view the big impact little changes can have on their financial future.

“Employees actually want employers to help them save more and are increasingly looking for education and personalized solutions to their finances,” continued Becker. “By offering a self-paced, online program, employers can give employees the nudge they need to achieve financial wellness, which in the long run can lead to higher employee satisfaction and increased retention.”

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