Benefits Transparency

Founded in 1919, Penn National Insurance employs more than 830 people. Over the years, they have enjoyed remarkable success in recruiting and retaining talented employees who build careers at Penn National Insurance. At a time when many organizations are suspending retirement contributions, cutting healthcare benefits, or eliminating other important benefits, Penn National Insurance continues to offer one of the most comprehensive benefit programs available. “It is one thing to say Penn National Insurance offers a rich benefits program,” said Robert V. Joswick, Director of Compensation & Benefits. “It is quite another to be able to demonstrate the value of our benefits to our employees with real, tangible numbers.”


Having produced personalized benefits statements in-house for a number of years, Penn National Insurance sought to outsource this service with Conrad Siegel. In addition to relieving the time element involved and the commitment of internal resources for this annual project, Penn National Insurance was looking to provide a more definitive, more accurate projection of pension benefits.


“The biggest advantage of working with Conrad Siegel is the accuracy of the benefit information we provide to our employees,” said Bob. “The commitment of the firm to accuracy is paramount. We know that when statements are released to employees they will be done right. Using Conrad Siegel is a convenient way for Penn National Insurance to ensure the accuracy of the information communicated to employees.”


The “Comprehensive Benefit Statements” prepared by Conrad Siegel gives Penn National Insurance a chance to showcase the full investment it makes in its employees. But it is also an important tool in helping employees better understand and use their benefits. “Without communicating this information, employees would not fully understand or appreciate the value of their benefits,” said Bob. “They would definitely not be able to take full advantage of their benefits. It is something our employees want and need. They look forward to this information to help with their life strategies and financial planning.”

Working with Conrad Siegel

Penn National Insurance realizes that using technology and analytics to provide better products and services is vitally important to their success. But so too is maintaining the personal touch in all of their business relationships. “Our relationship with Conrad Siegel makes this process work both successfully and efficiently,” said Bob. “The personalized service we receive is important to us. We really appreciate the continuity, experience, and expertise that Vicki Alfieri and Cara Seidlich bring to this relationship. They understand our organization, our history, our culture, and what we want to accomplish.”

Added Value

When asked to describe the attributes that are most important to Bob in his relationship with our firm, he described them as follows:

  • Very professional, yet down to earth, like being part of the Penn National family.
  • Very effective at project management, to help us get to the desired outcome.
  • A high level of access to key decision-makers.
  • Reasonably-priced services.
  • Expertise in all benefit areas.

The “Comprehensive Benefit Statements” prepared by Conrad Siegel are designed to help our clients:

  • Improve their employee’s morale.
  • Increase job satisfaction and productivity.
  • Attract and retain talented individuals.
  • Give their employees a greater appreciation for the cost and value of their benefits.
  • Help their employees with life strategies and financial planning.

“We are very happy with the relationship. They understand our organization, our history, our culture, and what we want to accomplish.”

— Robert V. Joswick, Director of Compensation & Benefits