Postemployment & GASB

Conrad Siegel is uniquely positioned to help manage the costs and risks of your retirees’ post-employment benefits. Over 50 years in business, some of the brightest professionals in the industry, and our actuarial edge gives us uncommon depth to deliver these services.

Who we are

Our professional staff, including both health and pension actuaries, works with over 300 schools, dozens of municipalities and many private employers.  With this experience, we have developed an in-depth understanding of retirement benefits and how they are valued under GASB 45, FASB ASC 715-60, IAS 19, SSAP 92 and FASB ASC 965 (formerly SOP 92-6 or SOP 01-1).

What we do

We understand the challenges of gathering the necessary information for postemployment valuations. Our dedicated employees, not intermediaries, will work directly with you to help you through the data collection process.  Additionally, our workflow process is completely paperless, which is not only good for our environment, but also makes it easy to distribute our reports to all parties in a timely manner.

How we do it

In addition to full actuarial services, Conrad Siegel OPEB consulting services include cost control and risk management, plan design, insurance markets and Medicare coordination, funding, Medicare Part D options, and Actuarial attestation for the RDS subsidy.

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